Ah, the actual reason I started this blog. I’m  a radio geek, and because of that I will, from time-to-time, be posting some audio work I’ve completed.

First up, here’s a copy of something I made recently called ‘Comedy Sketch’.

It features John Henry Falle and Adam Blampied of the fine sketch comedy group ‘The Beta Males’ Picnic’. If you ever see them gigging in London then I demand you go to their shows, laugh at their jokes, and rub their tummies. They LOVE it when people do that.

Here we are then-

Comedy Sketch

Don’t judge it too harshly. If you do there’ll be tears before bedtime (mostly mine).

Next is a short bit o’news. News features tend to be quicker and rougher than a documentary feature, as they’re only really used once, but hopefully this should give you a clue about what they can be like. This has an interview with the lovely Joyce Lee, a writer for a new online spin-off of Eastenders.


…and I’ll be adding a pretentious poem soon. I can tell you’re excited.

Oh, and while we’re here, I also record a weekly podcast with the extraordinary genius that is James Hall. Here’s a link to a recent show-

Done? Done.


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